Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

What was your first Rhodia experience?



My first Rhodia experience was a pair of small gridded No. 11’s that I purchased at Dick Blick. I bought them after reading that one of my favorite jewelry designers kept one in his back pocket at all times. Mine lived in my purse. A few years later, I’d explore additional Rhodia/Clairefontaine options once I’d started writing with a fountain pen and discovered that all paper wasn’t so friendly with water based fountain pen inks.

What do you remember about your first Rhodia experience?

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6 thoughts on “What was your first Rhodia experience?

  1. The first one I owned was a dotwebbie I won. I filled it with inspirational quotes for my husband and he carries it with him all the time in his laptop bag. It’s all been downhill since then – I lean heavily toward the dotted paper but have two new lined pads and a notebook as well.

  2. I bought my first Rhodia in Rochester, NY while shopping with a boy friend and his father at an art supply store. It was small, perfect, gridded, and beginning of a love affair that has lasted 18 years longer than the boyfriend. I love Rhodia, and keep a few spare in a special drawer. Some people have ‘chew’ lines in their back pockets. I have Rhodia lines. Thank you for so many moments.

  3. Sigh…it was love at first sighting of that glorious orange….in a funky bookstore…in England, while chaperoning high school students in 2002. I had no idea what I would write in that grid #14, but the design alone was enough of an enticement for this writerly soul. Then I actually used it! Fate was sealed and I’ve not been without a Rhodia in my satchel since. It’s a beautiful thing.

  4. Watched a video on Brian Goulet’s website, and then decided to buy a Webbie for journaling.

  5. I bought a Webnotebook three months ago shortly after purchasing my very first fountain pen. I had bought it to journal in. Last night, coincidentally, I closed the back cover of the book, having filled up every single page without missing a single day: something I have never, ever done before in my life.

    I start a new Webnotebook with tonight’s entry.

  6. Saw a pad on display at the register at Dick Blick. Thought it looked interesting and picked it up. Tried it later and realized all paper is not created equal. ;)

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