Friday, May 24th, 2013

What would you do with 50 Rhodia Notebooks?



Let’s go outside the box on this one. If we were to give you 50 of any one Rhodia paper product, which would you choose and what would you do with them? One rule: you can’t keep any of them for yourself.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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24 thoughts on “What would you do with 50 Rhodia Notebooks?

  1. Some I would give to my daughters. One lives 1700 miles away and I would ask her to keep a journal for me. The other, I live with, but she just had a baby. I would tell her to keep a daily journal of the baby’s development. Some I would give to my quilting and knitting buddies to keep track of the ideas they have for projects so we can get together and compare notes.

  2. I would choose the Rhodiarama webbie notebooks and I would give them to a local battered women’s shelter. These women are just starting a new life, many with children, free from abuse. Most have had to flee their abusers and are in “safe” shelter with very little in the way of personal belongings; you can’t pack a bag when you have a secret plan to get out of harms way. Having something nice to write their thoughts in, and record moments of their children’s lives as they get better would be a precious gift for these women who have so very little!

  3. Oh wow, what fun… The image of Johnny Appleseed comes to mind, except instead of having a satchel full of seeds, I’d be walking with a satchel full of Rhodias to sow. Hm, if I knew I was giving them away, I’d pick something safely universal in utility and appeal… A dot spiral bound #13 comes to mind. I am one who would do the personal approach as well as the stealth drop in public places. For example, if I saw someone writing a note on their hand…I’d stop and pull out a pad to offer them. I’d also give them to youngish kids who look bored while their parents are busy doing whatever. Pads of paper do wonders for bored kids.

  4. Because postage overseas is too expensive to send to 50 FPGeeks InCo Pen Pals, I would leave them on train seats with a note or sticker “I’m now yours – use me”

  5. I’d give them to the library and get them to host a young writer’s group over the summer. Not sure which one kids like, but that’s the way I’d go. I see they have lots of interested young readers, so they’d be a great target audience for young writers.

  6. I would give them away so people could feel what is like to write in a higher end notebook.

  7. Give pretty colored mini-webbies to the members of First Coast Romance Writers to jot writing-related ideas & any left over to the librarians at the library which hosts our chapter.

  8. Webbies … and I would give them to struggling adolescents and kids with diabetes and have then use it as a journal and a place to write 3 good things about every day each night before bed. (I’m a pediatric endocrinology fellow about to graduate and go into practice!!)

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