Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Rhodia and the Gentlewoman


I love to discover new and interesting magazines, and I’d never heard of “The Gentlewoman” until I came across this image on Instagram. “The Gentlewoman is a fabulous publication for modern women of style and purpose. It offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress. Featuring ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality, The Gentlewoman celebrates inspirational women through the distinctive combination of glamour, personality and warmth in its collectable biannual magazine.” 

There was a time when I probably had a dozen magazines coming to the house each month, but now I only subscribe to one: Elle Decor because I love cutting it apart and using the images in my Inspiration Journal and also for creating Vision Boards. Occasionally I will splurge at the bookstore and grab things like Yoga Journal, Writer’s Digest, Art News…

What are your favorite magazines? Do you read any via an e-reader? I also read MacWorld on my iPad via my local library and the Zinio app.

Image courtesy of Annemarie Arends – follow annemariearends on Instagram

2 thoughts on “Rhodia and the Gentlewoman

  1. I approach fashion magazines in the same way as I do National Geographic – knowing I have little in common with the exotically dressed tribes featured within.

    At the moment I’m browsing through stacks for an upcoming vision boarding class and amazed how little appeals or has relevance to my life.

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