Monday, May 20th, 2013

Good Quality Sticky Notes?



Hannah W. recently sent us an e-mail asking if we were aware of any good quality sticky notes – she was hoping that there might have been a Rhodia option that she’d somehow overlooked but unfortunately, we do not currently sell any Rhodia Post-It style stickies.

Do you have anything you can suggest or any comments on her question? I’ve always found most sticky notes to not be very ink friendly – and I’m wondering if it has something to do with the glue…

8 thoughts on “Good Quality Sticky Notes?

  1. If Rhodia ever decides to get into these, I’ll buy a case. I go thru sticky notes by the hundreds and reserve pencils or rollerballs as my big nibs do NOT get along.

  2. My Target offbrand ones work with all the inks I’ve thrown at them! Might just be a good batch though.

  3. I’ve tried the “Post-It” and “Staples” brands and neither is ink-friendly. I’m looking forward to somebody posting of a brand that is both sticky and fountain-pen friendly.

  4. Scotch, 3M and other manufacturers make glue sticks of “restickable” glue. With a stick like that you could use any paper as Post-Its and not have the problem caused by glue residue left on a Post-It when the one above it is peeled off. Googling for “post it glue stick” will reveal some links to these.

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