Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Announcing the 20 Winners of the NEW Rhodia Meeting Book 90


Rhodia Meeting Book 90

Big thanks to all of you who entered our Meeting Book giveaway – extra special thanks to all of you who shared the contest on your own social media sites. And now the winners!

Matt T from Richmond TX
Star from Sebastopol CA
sergei gee
Betsy from Augusta GA
JL Hall
Samuel Robino
Dan G. from Bedminster NJ
Sharon A. from Long Beach CA
David Long
R.S. Robertson
Bill S. from Randolph, MA
Mina W
Nick K. from Brookfield IL
Beth P from Lethbridge Canada
Bob from Milwaukee
StephL from Birmingham AL
R. Lovell
Sharon Faulk

6 thoughts on “Announcing the 20 Winners of the NEW Rhodia Meeting Book 90

  1. Wow! My meeting book arrived yesterday and I love it. I’m not a person who attends a lot of meetings, but it looks like it’ll be great for general note taking or planning. Thank you SO much!

  2. I got my meeting book yesterday! It is wonderful – thank you so much! I love the quality of the paper and the design. I will be buying some notebooks in the future!

  3. Very cool! I got the notebook and had no idea why I received it. I emailed Exaclair and they told me I won. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t even know that I won until I received the book today! Thanks so much!!! I love your books :)

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