Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Long Skinny


One of the most popular Rhodia pads is the No. 82, affectionately known around the office as the “Long Skinny.”  They are 3 x 8 1/2″ and come in grid or lined.

These pads are great for To-Do lists and shopping lists.  I always keep one or two in the kitchen utility drawer, or in a holder on the refrigerator. no 82

I never really thought about other uses for this shaped pad until one day we got an email from a restaurant in Idaho. The owner wanted to order 100 to use as servers notepads. What a great idea, and what a perfect pad to take orders!

Any other great ideas out there for the No. 82?




3 thoughts on “Long Skinny

  1. In my line of work I have to provide interpreting services quite often, and I found these long notepads to be just perfect for recording the keywords and reference points in a column. It’s news for me however that they come in “lined” format – in my store I can only buy ones with grid.
    I shall order some “lined” ones next time : -)

  2. Interesting.. I hope others come up with some suggestions because I’ve seen these but never gotten one because I couldn’t imagine what to do with it! But I like them because they’re neat!

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