Monday, April 29th, 2013

Do you write with a heavy hand?


Until I started using a fountain pen, I’d always thought that hand cramps were the norm for long writing sessions. Turns out, what I thought was just my heavy handed writing style was probably caused in part by my use of a ballpoint pen. A ballpoint pen relies on gravity to coat the ball with ink. The ball then spins and distributes the ink as the pen is drawn across the paper. Since my preference was always for clear (and dark) writing, I used a great deal of pressure to obtain this result with my stick pen.

My hand cramps disappeared once I started writing with a fountain pen since almost no pressure is necessary for the ink to flow from pen to paper.

Are you heavy handed with your pens?

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Image courtesy of kaniska_canace on Instagram

5 thoughts on “Do you write with a heavy hand?

  1. Excellent reminder. I love writing by hand, but have had RSI for years. Although I can’t write for long with a ballpoint, I can happily write for an hour with a fountain pen without my hands cramping or aching.

  2. I used to get wrist and hand pain constantly – I have a pretty good writer’s bump on one of my fingers – but the pain went away when I switched to a fountain pen from ballpoints and pencils for my doodling and writing needs. I’m still in search of the perfect pen partner (aren’t many of us?), but now I can write my thoughts without pain, which means more writing in the long run. :)

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