Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

New Rhodia Products in 2014


The National Stationery show is about a month away (May 19-23, 2013 – Jacob Javits Center – NYC). We will be bringing in a number of new products from France, and use the show to gauge buyers’ interest.

But I am also interested in the feedback we receive from Rhodia fans on this blog and our Facebook page.  Your opinion counts.

If you would like to recommend products for Exaclair to import later this year or beginning January 2014, please have a look at the interactive catalog on our French parent’s website:  Please let me know what product(s) appeal to you.  rte_img_large_369

As always, thank you for your time and support.

6 thoughts on “New Rhodia Products in 2014

  1. I dig the fact that there’s going to be a dot version of the top wirebound notebook in A5. I have the A4 (the only wirebound with the dot grid I’ve been able to find) and I absolutely love the dots, but would prefer something a little wider.

    It’d also be nice to see a dot version of the side wirebound and the side staplebound books.

    Oh, and another thing. Interesting how the catalog mentions that the dots are lilac, while this here says that all of the dots are supposed to be light gray:

    I actually think I prefer the purple-ish dots on my wirebound No. 16 (which apparently are purple by mistake) to the light gray dots on my top staplebound. It provides a nice “cheerful” contrast with my black ink.

  2. The landscape Webnotebooks (paysage) look interesting, but I’d want the big one.

    I’d also buy a few of the Rhodiarama Webpockets. :D

  3. Rhodiactive Address Book

    Computer Bag/Weekend Bag

    Do you know how the pouch is laid out? I”m always looking for something that will protect my pens

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