Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Swimming in the Bleu Ocean


J Herbin Bleu Ocean

Have you had the opportunity to try J. Herbin’s latest 1670 Series Anniversary ink, Bleu Ocean?

J Herbin Bleu Ocean

In lieu of testing it in a fountain pen, I opted for the “everything else I could find in my studio” approach which included a Brause dip nib, a J. Herbin glass pen, a #4 liner paint brush and a folded pen. (You can click on any of these images for a closer look)

J Herbin Bleu Ocean

The ink looks violet in the bottle and also when (wet) applied but once dry, looks like a dark denim color. Using these various implements to write/draw with the ink, I found tons of shading variations. Note: My bottle of Bleu Ocean included a sticker that warned of possible pen staining but to me, I didn’t think it to be as highly saturated as some other ink brands I’ve previously tested. I recommend erring on the side of caution – as in, maybe it’s not a good idea to test it in your white $40,000 pen.

J Herbin Bleu Ocean

That’s a white (but not as bright white as Rhodia) page from a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook on the left and a Rhodia dotPad on the right.

J Herbin Bleu Ocean

Not like I expected the ink to bleed through the Rhodia paper, but since this is a “highly saturated ink” I wanted to be sure. No bleedthough with any of my tested ink distribution devices.(The only rogue Herbin ink I’ve ever known is the Perle Noire which can occasionally push through the best of papers and I love it just the same.)

Testing Inks

My official testing table.

Herbin Anniversary Inks

The “1670” Anniversary J. Herbin collection celebrates the rich life and adventures of M. Herbin, a French sailor of the 17th century. From his many journeys to India, he brought back to Paris formulas for sealing wax and inks.

  • “Rouge Hematite: dark red and “Bleu Ocean”: deep blue highly pigmented inks
  • Sold in a glass bottle of 50ml
  • Gift box with gold or silver hot stamping
  • Includes J. Herbin history pamphlet
  • Hand-dipped red wax seal cap
  • Gold or silver wax seal “1670” on the bottle

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