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Acorn Clips


Acorn Clips

In my mid 1970’s elementary school, we called these acorn clips. Apparently, this was an extremely isolated phenomenon as no one I’ve ever met has ever heard of these brass paper fasteners being referred to by that name. Googling “Acorn clips” and “brass acorn clips” results in zero images of this product but I swear I’m not making this up. I’m not even sure I can explain why these may have been called acorn clips- save for the fact that they look a little bit like the stem from a pair of acorns.

Do they still even make these? (They do) I got these from one of my friends who found a box at a thrift shop.

According to Wiki, they are also known as “split pins” and are an industry standard in binding screenplays in film industries across the globe.

Here’s a magic trick using a brass paper fastener.


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  1. Some of these paper fasteners have embossed acorns on the heads. Not certain if it was a brand. Old Roycroft lampshades used them to fasten mica to the shade.

  2. Acorn fasteners! Yes, indeed. I got out of high school in the early 1970s and remember these well. In fact, I found this post through an online search for exactly that term (“acorn fasteners”).

    Their only limitation lies in the need to open and flatten their flanges as much as possible when you first apply them to a document so they don’t stick out or open up.

  3. I remember these from school in the 70’s. I am studying to become a teacher now and I was looking for these for a report. I couldn’t think of the name of them. What do they use now for three-hole punch fasteners? These did the trick.

  4. I think I remember hearing these called acorn fasteners; however, this might have resulted from mispronunciation or mishearing of the manufacturer’s name: ACCO. I also remember using them with a paper plate and clock hands made from poster board to assemble a clock face in school. These fasteners are still available and still used. While I was employed by Elliott’s Hardware, I would stock products that arrived typically in groups of five packages held together by these devices. Office Depot is a possible source for these. See http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/909499/ACCO-Brass-Washers-For-Fastener-Size/?cm_cat=2000000371#firstTab.

  5. Funny – I’m originally from the Midwest (Chicago) and we called them “paper fasteners.” “Brads” were heavy-duty staples used, for example, in closing corrugated cardboard boxes. Whatever they’re called, they’re handy little things for crafts and clipping multiples pages together.

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