Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Writing a Letter You’ll Never Send


Clairefontaine Triomphe

Have you ever written a letter you never sent? You know, the one that says everything you really want to but you know you can’t send it because it would hurt the other person’s feelings? Or maybe the letter can’t be sent because the person is no longer living… In any event, allowing yourself to put into physical words everything you’ve ever wanted to say to another person (without sending it) can be extremely cathartic.

Maybe you have a few things to say to your mom or dad, your 5th grade school teacher, or the high-school bully.

Need inspiration? These Blogs are filled with such letters:

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One thought on “Writing a Letter You’ll Never Send

  1. I do when I’m mad at my SO. Putting the most hurtful words and raw feeling in a letter that will never be send helps me release those feelings and blind rage. Then, I have a clearer mind to think.

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