Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Question on Line Width


Patrick from Pennsylvania wrote to us on Monday with this comment/request:  “I love your notebooks (particularly the wirebound version) and paper, but would love it if you would offer some lined versions that are narrow ruled in either 5mm or 6mm. Right now it looks like the only rule you offer for lined versions are 7mm or 8mm, which is way too wide for my liking. Until then I have to buy the graph versions, which is perfect (other than the fact that sometimes I don’t want those vertical lines.) missivemaven

Thank you, Patrick, for this topic. Rhodia fans, please weigh in!  Would you like a notepad or Webbie with 5mm or 6mm lines?  Do you prefer a narrow or wide ruling?

(My thanks to The Missive Maven for the photo>)

25 thoughts on “Question on Line Width

  1. I would love narrow ruling. My writing is medium to small and I practice some spencerian at times, albeit a bit of a smaller font, and I would love practicing on a narrow ruled page. I’ve been buying dotpads in excess(and I love them), 5 in the past 2 months. I want a narrow ruled line option! Thank you :)

  2. I definitely prefer narrow ruling, since my handwriting is quite small. Though, if I had a choice, I’d probably pick a dot grid or unlined pages over lined simply because that is more flexible. :)

  3. Narrow please. I love the paper in the white Rhodia pads but can’t handle the wide lines. I’m happy with the dot pads (use them all the time) but would love a narrow ruled option.

  4. I would love to see clairefontaine basic and life unplugged series in either narrow rule or graph. The line spacing of current versions are far too wide. Thanks for asking!

  5. I think that both are important. I write with a variety of different fountain pen nibs and when I am writing with a 1.1 stub I prefer the wider ruling and when I am writing with a F or M, I prefer a smaller ruling. It all depends on the type of pen that I am using.

  6. Narrow ruling it is! Thank you all for your input. I will contact the Rhodia product chief, and ask her to please consider narrow ruling for a future product.

  7. I write fairly big, but I find that narrower lines reign in my handwriting and make it neater, so I’d be all for narrow rule. However, my favoritest ;) Rhodia product is the dotpad so I’m all set really as far as improving my handwriting goes:) Another Rhodia product just means one more to love;)

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