Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Question on Line Width


Patrick from Pennsylvania wrote to us on Monday with this comment/request:  “I love your notebooks (particularly the wirebound version) and paper, but would love it if you would offer some lined versions that are narrow ruled in either 5mm or 6mm. Right now it looks like the only rule you offer for lined versions are 7mm or 8mm, which is way too wide for my liking. Until then I have to buy the graph versions, which is perfect (other than the fact that sometimes I don’t want those vertical lines.) missivemaven

Thank you, Patrick, for this topic. Rhodia fans, please weigh in!  Would you like a notepad or Webbie with 5mm or 6mm lines?  Do you prefer a narrow or wide ruling?

(My thanks to The Missive Maven for the photo>)

25 thoughts on “Question on Line Width

  1. I realize this is nearly three years old, but I happened upon it because, I, too, am desperate for a 5mm ruled Rhodia, preferably top ring bound.

  2. Patrick here. I needed some more Rhodia pads, so I Googled to see if Rhodia made any lined ones with 6mm spacing and I came across this blog post. I totally forgot I asked this question!

    Thanks for putting my suggestion up for debate and taking it to the product chief Karen. I’m still crossing my fingers for a 6mm Rhodia lined pad (preferably side staplebound, if not all of the styles including the wirebounds). The dotPads are cool, but the spacing is too narrow for my liking, and I can’t write straight if I write outside the dots. I know Clairefontaine notebooks have 7mm spacing, but I still prefer 6mm. Not only that, but Clairefontaine paper is too bright white for my liking… and the 7mm spacing is only available in the small notebooks. So another hope is that if Rhodia does offer 6mm spacing for their lined books, they offer it in all of the notebook sizes, small and large (A4).

    Thanks again,


  3. I’ve been desperate to find narrow ruled paper that’s good for fountain pens for so long I would probably WEEP for joy if I could find it! I see it a lot in small notebooks, but I prefer the larger ones. I typically use Moleskine 8×10 notebooks even though I don’t like their paper much just because the size and the 5mm ruling are perfect.

  4. Narrow.

    The reason is that when I write for a while I tend to write small. I prefer no ruling or dotted over wide ruling, since I have more space to jot things down in the fashion I see fit. In short, I think the wide rule is actually more “restrictive” on how I utilized any single page.

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