Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Lines to the edge of the page?


Rhodia Lined Notebook

We recently received a comment about the ruling in our Rhodia WebNotebooks. This person loves Rhodia paper but prefers that the lines go to the edge of the page which in the Webbie, do not.

Do you have a preference one way or the other about the lines in your notebook?

17 thoughts on “Lines to the edge of the page?

  1. The lines stopping before the edge doesn’t bother me. Either way looks simple and classy. What bothers me is the blocked-off edges like the Unlimited pocket notebooks.

  2. What if there was a Rhodia Night notebook filled with black pages? Printed lines or dots would be nearly invisible.

  3. I’m not too fussy about it, but, given a choice, I would prefer that the lines did not go to the edge of the page. I think having that small space between the line and the edge of the page looks neater. Though if the lines did go to the edge of the page, that wouldn’t stop me from using the notebook! The Webbie is going to be great no matter what the ruling is :)

  4. I prefer that the lines do not go to the edge of the page. I think it is tidier to stop before the very last mm of paper.

  5. Another vote for leaving it the way it is. I like a little bit of margin at the edge of the page . . . . an eighth to a quarter of an inch.

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