Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Happy Spring!


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Oops. That the garden I’m so excited to plant? I just realized that the seedlings should have been started back in like… December? Ha!

Last year was my first at trying to grow food and it wasn’t great. I had three tomato plants growing in buckets – two with gifted plants of Italian plum tomatoes and the other of a store bought yellow cherry tomato plant. I don’t think I put them where they got enough sun and it seemed to take forever for them to bear fruit – and when they did, it was very few. But irregardless of my less than bountiful bounty, Those few tasty tomatoes was enough for me to want to try harder this year.

Unfortunately, I know very little about gardening and mistakenly thought that Mid-March wasn’t too early to buy and start sowing seeds – especially for all of the herbs I just ordered. My friend Jen has the most amazing herb garden and I am set on having one just like hers but it looks like I’ll have to buy plants that have already been started if I want them to really “get their grow on” this year. Though I think I’ll still try to start a few from seed – just to see if I can.

Do you have a garden? What do you like to grow? My plans include growing a few flowers, (Moonflowers, Black Eyed Susan Vine, and Zebrinias) Tomatoes, (Nyagous, Japanese Triffle Black and whatever transplants I buy from the Rodale farms) a Poona Kheera cucumber, a lettuce mix, and a variety of herbs. (Thyme, rosemary, English Lavender, Dill, Cilantro, Basil and Borage.) 

Happy Gardening!

3 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. That sounds fabulous. Just make sure that the herbs you plant are not spreaders. For instance, you usually should plant mint in a pot because otherwise it will take over your garden. :) My rose garden is showing its first blooms this week and my lavender plants are blooming. I’m starting to get the growing bug myself. Hmm…gardening journal anyone? :)

  2. You might be better off starting with seedlings this time of year. Since you are planter gardening, you don’t need many plants and seedlings might have a stronger start.

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