Friday, March 15th, 2013

Rhodia in a Hawaiian Hotel?



Remember when I said that I took a day off last week and was brainstorming new Rhodia posts? I must have had some serious Rhodia on the brain because the other day I woke up having had the most amazing dream of being in Hawaii (never been) and I distinctly remember there being 8×11″ Rhodia pads with orange covers in the hotel room. Someone somewhere was recently talking about the disappearance of hotel stationery, so I sent Karen a note asking if there were any hotels that offered Rhodia in the Room and as it turns out, the Delano Hotel in South Beach Florida stocks our Rhodia Webnotebook in their Mini Bar – something along the lines of an in-room shop box. I was thinking more of a dotPad in the desk drawer, but at least I’ve planted a seed!

In recent times, do you ever go looking for the hotel stationery pad?

Image courtesy of indigo_inferno on Instgram, who has a lot of amazing pen/stationery related pictures…

3 thoughts on “Rhodia in a Hawaiian Hotel?

  1. Back in the good old days I always took the hotel notepad and pen! The notepad was to use and the pen was for the collection.

    I was very disappointed when we stayed at Disney last weekend that in the one room mini suite we were staying in (we are Vacation Club owners), of the two phones in the room, one the notepad was gone and the other only had two pieces of paper on it! And no pens….

  2. Every hotel I stayed at in China and Hong Kong had actual stationery and envelopes. Some hotels even provided an assortment of office supplies like stapler, highlighter, pen, etc. Since then, I check in every hotel but most hotels offer nothing more than a small notepad. Sad.

  3. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I always grab the hotel notepad and take it home. Then I Circa punch the pages for my notebook.

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