Monday, March 11th, 2013

Staying connected all day, every day- helpful or not?



I managed to stay off the web and e-mail for an entire 24 hours this past Friday. I am proud of myself but it was, quite honestly, pretty freaking hard. I can’t believe how many times a day I reach out to check on things. Does anyone else feel the need to stay connected all day, every day? Does anyone implement strict “I only check my e-mail once/twice a day” type rules? Do they work?

So what did I do on my day off? I read for a while, (The Survivor Personality) wrote in my journal, worked on a to-do list, then in my specially designated Rhodia Drive Meeting Book, I came up with about 60 blog post ideas. Including the beginnings of a NEW improved Journal Swap which may include the use of a 6×8″ staplebound Rhodia notebook like the one you see above.

(I also watched Paranormal Activity 3 – probably my favorite of the three, though I’ve liked each in the series so far… )

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5 thoughts on “Staying connected all day, every day- helpful or not?

  1. I’m pretty pleased when I can arrange to not be connected for any length of time. I try to treat email like real mail– check it once a day, answer it if needed– and everything else is sort of gravy. Facebook? 5 minutes in the morning to see if anyone I like has had a particular victory or misplaced a major organ. Twitter? None for me thanks, I’m driving.

    Which frees up LOADS of time for watching TV and not really getting as much writing done as I’d like.

  2. My children call me a dinosaur and my husband tells everyone he meets that I really belong in the 1800’s! I am sadly the only one in my family and group of friends who truly understands the wonderful feeling writing with a fountain pen can bring to someone. As far as going online I check up on my emails and go on the computer once a week at most sometimes I will only check every few months which explains the 7000 emails in my yahoo mail! My cell phone is going on 7 1/2 years and I get really annoyed when my son’s teachers complain that they sent me an email and why did I not respond in a timely manner. I have asked them VERY politely to please call if there should ever be an issue but it seems that the art of truly speaking has been lost to texting and email,VERY VERY SAD!! My hand written notes seem to always be answered with email. When we lost power for 12 days during the hurricane and lost the phone,tv and Internet for 21 days I kept reading ,cooking,knitting and such without really missing anything that the power could provide with the exception of the washing machine,hand washing clothes for a family our size was not overly enjoyable but it gave me time to really TALK with my children without the electronics luring them into a stupor : ) I feel that people’s live were much richer before they became “plugged in” everyone should try to “unplug” even if it is just for a few days a month just to be able to sit down breathe and look at a sunset with those close to you, those gadgets will always be there but that specific moment with your loved ones is only there for that moment.

  3. Congrats on staying off-line for a full day. See what happened? You were able to think up all those new blog posts. :)

  4. I usually don’t check my email on the weekends unless I’m in the middle of a time-sensitive project and am waiting for information. But that’s not very often.

    I enjoy playing online chess, so I do hop on the internet for that.

    This past weekend I did not check my email after 12:00 noon on Friday until 7:30 Monday morning (today). My weekends are usually jam-packed with other activities.


  5. I gave up my smart phone about 4 months ago. It was hard for about 1 week, but since then, I find I have much more time to focus on what is important – family, career, fun – and I’m not missing the urgent need to respond to facebook, email, etc.

    I spend more time writing and reading and being with the people I am with. I swear, I’m also a bit taller, better looking and my pants fit looser as well ;) !

    Keep it up.

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