Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Guest Post: Bring Back My Webbie to Me!



Bring Back My Webbie to Me!
By Amit Yariv from Ramat Hasharon, Israel

It was the Great Winston Churchill who said, “I am a man of simple tastes, easily satisfied with the best”, a statement to which I (and I suspect quite a few of this blog’s readers) subscribe with heart and soul.

I am both a lawyer and a writer – both occupations I like quite a bit, one of them allows me to create reality unbound by the rules of logic, sense or common morals; the other one is my writing career. In my legal career, I do a lot of regulatory and government related work, which means a major portion of my time is dedicated to meetings, both in my office and out of it.

Naturally, I take notes during meetings and in preparation thereto. In my junior days, I used a yellow legal pad in a leather pad holder: it seemed the right thing to do. However, it wasn’t: while extremely focused and well organized in my mind, my office usually looks as if it was recently bombed. I hate filing, and according to our firm’s policy, do not have an assistant to do my filing for me. Hence, while taking notes was easy enough, retrieving them later proved to be a challenge.

In came Rhodia Webbies. I started carrying them with me, taking notes, and numbering the notebooks, so I know where to look. The Webbie was, indeed, perfect for me, as I’m a fountain pen user, and the pages were thick enough to write on, without feathering, bleeding or see-through issues.

Yesterday I have finished book # 7. Actually, I still have 2-3 pages to go, but it was time, I decided, to get me a new book. As I live in Israel, not far from Tel Aviv, I called Michal, a fellow stationary lover, and the co-owner of my favorite office-supply store, one I go to since I was 14, some 23 years ago, to ask if my black covered, non-lined, A5 Webbies are in stock. They were not. What’s more, Michal told me that the importer is not going to keep bringing them to Israel. Say What??

Now, I realize I am being a little over-dramatic here, but what am I to do without them Webbies? And if things were not bad enough, the USPS raised its international fees recently, and paying 15 bucks for the shipping of a 20 bucks notebook seems somewhat flawed…

However, Michal was able to secure some blank Webbies from the existing importer’s stock, so I should be fine for the next few months. And after that? I guess I’ll have to start making new friends, the kind that goes abroad a lot…

PS: There is still time (by Midnight EST tonight!) to enter our Rhodiarama Giveaway. The taupe Webbie also seems to be fairly popular among the contestants. 

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