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Rhodia has developed a new collection called RHODIActive.  It is geared toward business users.  You can see all the RHODIActive products on the corporate site.

We carry many–but not all — of these type of products here in the U.S.  One difference is that the RHODIActive product covers are black and made of a stiff polypro or harder material.  More durable, I guess, to get bounced around from office to meeting room to home commute and still look great. Also, the paper in this collection’s Meeting Books is 90 g, vs. 80 g in a standard Meeting Book. Home-Rhodiactive

Can you please give us some input for future product selection:  Do you use Rhodia at the office?  Do you see any product(s) in the RHODIActive collection that are especially appealing to you?

Thank you for any suggestions or requests.




5 thoughts on “RHODIActive

  1. As an electrical engineer I always have a No. 18 spiral top pad on my desk that I use as a daily scratch log. Everything from to-do lists to R&D notes to calculations and doodles goes on the pad. I hold on to and archive the scratch log, but since it gets filled with a lot of mundane, day-to-day drudgery, I also keep a Webnotebook as a more formal engineering journal in which I’ll summarize observations and record the Eureka! moments.

    Of the items not available in the U.S., I’d most like to see the A4 Webnotebook.

  2. I’d use the notepad and the smaller meeting book. The A4 is too long and unwieldy for me as well. Like the idea of a stiffer cover and of a dot pad.

  3. Have you showed these to the Goulets? I had no idea they were out there. The meeting book, the pro book [especially!], and the 4 color notebook look like possibilities in the lined format. I’d rather have this 90g weight paper than the 80g.

    I’m partial to the 8×10 3 hole punched pads [regular Rhodia] as it lets me slide finished product into notebooks for further reference.

    Prices? Availability? Where are you guys hiding this stuff? Trying to find any, especially in bundles of 5-10 as well as singles for evaluation is driving me crazy!

  4. I’ve used the large meeting book for note-taking at the office (although I currently use the Behance Action Book, as it has a more useful dot-grid and clear action item boxes, even if the paper has more “tooth” than I like with fountain pens).

    I don’t think the hard cover would make much of a difference, but then again I keep my meeting books in a leather portfolio, along with pen and iPad.

    About 6 years back in Vancouver I had purchased a Clairefontaine squared A4 notebook with a lovely touch translucent plastic cover. I haven’t been able to find it since. So if you issue dot-pad notebooks with a hard cover, I would go for one.

    One item I’d love to see is a an organizer like this one:

  5. Very nice! I would use the smaller top spiral notebook if it has micro perforated pages (and if it could find it in the US!).

    I would also use a whole lot of the others (meeting books, etc.) if they were available letter sized (we use letter sized binders at work — the A4 is too long so I quit using Rhodia for most purposes).

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