Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Quiver Pen Holders and Webbies


Quiver pen holders are described as “thoughtfully crafted, hand-made leather pen holders for your treasured notebook.”

I would agree.  Quiver pen holders are gorgeous.  Separately each product is very handsome, but paired together they really enhance each other. LH-1-BLK-RED FAN 2

Quiver pen holders got their start from notebook users who were continually frustrated with losing their favorite pen in the bottom of a bag, or forgetting it on their desk at home.  Clipping it to the notebook cover was awkward or iffy, since the pen clip could break or fall off.

The Quiver pen holder solved the problem of safely and conveniently pairing a pen or pens to a favorite notebook.

Their pen holders come in three sizes: Pocket/Small (A6 size); Large (A5) and Extra Large (A4).  The sheaths are in brown, black or pink leather. The black sheaths have red or yellow stitching.  Quiver is starting to develop holders with orange stitching for your favorite Webbie.

The pen holders are made in Mexico by the same leather crafters who build Saddleback Leather suitcases and travel bags.  Quiver designers worked directly with some of the Saddleback Leather people to gain their perspectives on how to construct a leather product to last many years, even down to the type and strength of the thread and stitch count.

See all the Quiver pen holders on their website –

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2 thoughts on “Quiver Pen Holders and Webbies

  1. I bought a black quiver a while back to go with my orange webbie and they look great together!

  2. I’ve paired a quiver on my pocket moleskine planner for the past year. It keeps my purple bullet space pen comfortably in place. I get many complements on the pen holder. The leather is beautiful and it doesn’t add appreciable weight to my moleskine.

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