Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Greg Minuskin and Custom Fountain Pen Nibs


Greg Minuskin offers nib retipping services to the pen collector, investor, or restorer. His years as a watchmaker for a prestigious watch brand in Beverly Hills along with his training at the Harvard equivalent of watch making schools, The WOSTEP School in Neuchatel, Switzerland, have honed his intricate skills to branch off into other areas of craftsmanship.

What is a stub nib? Via PenTrace: “Stub Nibs: A stub nib is elongated sideways, to have a footprint that is somewhat elliptical. This makes it lay down a slightly broader line when moving up and down (in relation to the nib itself) and a narrower one when moving sideways (again, in relation to the nib). The eccentricity of the ellipse isn’t too pronounced, and the nib is still polished to have nice rounded edges. This means that you can write with a stub just about as easily as with a standard nib.” 

You can see a series of different stub-nibbed pens in action in the following video by our friend Leigh Reyes.

(Fast forward to 4:29 in this video to see Greg talking about his show special.)

Image above courtesy of James Waters – penfancy on Instagram

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