Friday, February 8th, 2013

Knit One, Purl Rhodia


We love seeing how people use our products and I found it pretty interesting that a dotWebbie was helping to maintain the structure of a new knitting pattern. (With Bleu Pervenche ink?)

Though I’ve always wanted to learn to knit, I’m not the type that can tolerate the discipline needed to follow a pattern. My sweaters would come out with three arms, socks with extra toes… you know where I’m coming from? Until that time, I’m happy to buy pretty knitted hats and scarves from local fiber artists.

Do you knit?

Image courtesy of Shangching CH – follow bakanekosan on Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Knit One, Purl Rhodia

  1. As somebody who does needlework, the grid notepads are perfect to dream up or record patterns.

  2. Yes! I was just putting together a pattern for my cousin, who requested a sweater for her cat. In a situation like that, you have to essentially create your own pattern by calculating the swatch size together with the unique measurements. It helps to have a handwritten copy—like another commenter has said, it’s easier to have a small flat surface to write on than a notebook. I use the Rhodia flip notepad.

  3. I use graph paper to work out ideas for projects and wire bound notebooks to write out patterns that I am gong to work from – it needs to lay flat while I am knitting.

  4. I used to knit (and crochet) a lot when I was in 9th grade or so but, like you, I was never patient enough to follow pattern (knitting itself just seems to flow naturally and doesn’t require any brain power) so the clothes all end up looking funny.

    But the pouches are fine though. Right now I am planning to knit a case for the 2 more expensive pens in my collection, I am still undecided on the yarn choice…

  5. I do knit, but a webbie would never work for me. A notebook must stay open and flat for my pattern. I have pulled paper from my rhodia pad a few times so that my fountain pen ink will match the yarn I’m using :-) That’s always fun.

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