Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Ever try an Ergonomic Pen?


Evo Pen Ergonomic

Some of us love to write for the tactile experience of putting pen to paper, while others are required to write longhand because of school or work related obligations. When I first stated journaling, my hand would cramp from using my favorite ball point pen because back then I didn’t realize that pressure was required to get the ink to flow. Switching to a gel pen or a felt-tipped marker may have solved this issue but I really loved using those cheapy blue PaperMate stick pens because I liked the way the ink looked on the paper. I solved the cramping problem after buying my first fountain pen. I’ll admit that I bought it because while the vintage aspect intrigued me, it was wanting to be like the other cool kids in the “What’s in your bag” Flickr photo group that did me in.

I learned quickly that you don’t have to exert pressure on the nib of a fountain pen for the ink to flow and that meant bye-bye hand cramps. And hello whole new world of paper, pen & ink friends!

While I’ve never tried an ergonomic pen, I understand they can be quite helpful for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. The pen shown in the image above is an Evo-Pen and a quick web search for “ergonomic pen” led me to The Writing Pen Store – an online retailer that seems to have a pretty wide selection of ergonomic pens and pencils.

Do you suffer from writing cramps? Arthritis? Have you ever tried an ergonomic pen?

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