Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Fountain Pens, a Tasty Beverage and Rhodia


I see a lot of pictures on Instagram depicting this creative trifecta: tasty beverage,  fountain pen, and a favorite Rhodia notebook and I always start to imagine the rest of the scene. Is it in a breakfast nook overlooking a small backyard pond? A desk in a cubicle in a noisy office? A sidewalk cafe in Paris or Istanbul? I think about what music (jazz?) might be playing and whether or not it’s being piped over a loudspeaker or emanating from a pair of earbuds. I wonder what will be written – thoughts for the day, a to-do list, a childhood memory, or impressions of where the person is seated and what they are viewing. I wonder if that’s their favorite pen and what color ink it contains…

Is it just me? Or do you wonder the same.

Image courtesy of Astromonk on Instagram

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pens, a Tasty Beverage and Rhodia

  1. @razide17

    I have actually seen plenty of people write with Safari like that (which just baffle me)…How do they even close the cap???

  2. I’m wondering about the Charcoal Safari in the photo that still has the cardboard band that prevents you screwing in the section and engaging the ink cartridge !

    A lot of pondering and drinking but not much writing ?

  3. I absolutely wonder… there are stories within each photo and I tend to approach them wanting to read more, know more… I think the creative trifecta you mention is key to this richness …so many senses are involved–taste, touch, sound, sight, even smell…and the more senses involved, the greater the invitation to enter, eh?

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