Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Look what I found –


Herbin Pen Pelikan

Mike Rivera left a comment on yesterday’s post about finding his own missing pen beneath a sofa cushion and suggested we look under our own to possibly do the same. I asked my husband to lift up the cushions and while I didn’t initially see anything, he then ran his hand around the back seam and pulled both pens out with one grab. He handed them to me with a big smile and I sat holding the pens completely gobsmacked. Why? Because I’d ripped both my house and studio apart numerous times trying to find these pens, yet all it took was a suggestion from a stranger on where to look for me to find them.

The funny thing is that I wasn’t really *missing* these pens because I had many others I could use – but when I discovered that I didn’t know their whereabouts, it became an obsession to find them. Though I’d checked under and behind the sofa, it never occurred to lift the cushions because I never sit on the sofa to write – but now I clearly remember the one day I did.

8 thoughts on “Look what I found –

  1. My favorite two pens are Esterbrook SJs. They’re my favorites and they are tiny (oh, and they leak all over my hands). I cannot imagine what I’d do if I lost them. I found one once under my desk at work and almost had a conniption – I could have stepped on it and splintered my shiny gray goodness.

  2. I have to laugh. I have never lost stuff as much as my boys do. And I never knew furniture had such hidden crevices until them and searching for things. I cringe just thinking of the things we found deep in the sofa.

  3. I can’t tell you how many pairs of sewing scissors I’ve lost in my sofa cushions but the problem I have is that, because our sofa has recliners on each end, I can’t remove the cushions. If whatever I lose doesn’t fall straight down through the side, it gets somehow sucked into the back of the sofa….the only way to find stuff is to move the sofa, so if we ever leave our apartment I should be able to find Jimmy Hoffa somewhere;)So glad you found your pens!

  4. I totally thought I lost my Lamy Safari back in December and I dug through my whole room for it. Then a month later, I ended finding it under the car seat…I never realized how much I like the fine nib until I lost it!

  5. I’m glad to hear you found your pens! I have favorite pens that I use all the time and if they went missing, I too would be tearing my house up trying to find them. Sometimes, all it takes is a pair of fresh eyes to find something. :)

  6. Two things… One)SO glad you found your pens–totally get that feeling of needing to know where something specific is, though something else could be used. Two) Love that you got to use the word gobsmacked. There are not too many times that one comes up for selection on the vocab Rolodex and it *is* such a delight.

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