Monday, January 21st, 2013

Two of my pens are in a state of misplace!


Two of my pens have gone missing. I’ve pulled the house apart several times and though I don’t remember taking them out of the house, the only other place they could be (aside from permanently lost) is in my studio. The pens in question are my black Pelikan M200 fountain pen w/ an EF Binder nib and my new J. Herbin rollerball w/ a Violette Pensee cartridge.

I admittedly own a lot of different pens- fountain pens, Japanese calligraphy pens, artist pens, rollerballs, gel pens… my favorite being whatever pen I’m enjoying in the moment. I’d only just received the Herbin rollerball a short time before it went missing- which is a bummer because I wanted to snap a few pics and tell you what a sweet little pen it is. The Pelikan was one of my early fountain pen acquisitions and  it would come and go as one of my favorites. I hope I find it.

Have you ever lost a favorite pen? How did it affect you? Were you able to replace it?

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From the image above: Lamy Safari Broad Nib with Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin on Rhodia Dot Pad N°18.
Image courtesy of Peter L.  – follow trefste_metrese on Instagram

10 thoughts on “Two of my pens are in a state of misplace!

  1. I am devastated (of course within reason). I lost two 1970s Bic fine point pens I just purchased and it is frustrating. I turned over all of my standard places, but I was sick the week I got them, floating on the medication they gave me and I may have put them in a spot that might have put them in position to get lost (or worse…thrown away). :(

  2. I left a two-pen case in the seat back pocket on a Southwest flight. It had a Shaeffer 300 and a Sheaffer 100 that my daughter had given to me for Christmas (2011). The 100 was my first fountain pen. I was and still am sick…I filed a report, but no one turned it in….

  3. end of 2011 while n Las Vegas visiting my Mom, I lost 2 fav. pens n a cognac leather Coach pen holder. The fountain pen was a Platinum w/my Dad’s initials engraved on nib base and the other was MOMA rainbow spinning cap rollerball. My Dad had owned the pen since the 50’s and I loved it.
    I called everyplace I had visited and no luck. I searched my Mom’s house top to bottom. I looked under the car seats and in the trunk of the vehicles I had driven.
    The rollerball has since been replaced. The Platinum fountain pen can’t be. I am still sick about it.

  4. After reading this article this morning and posting about losing my Pelikan 400 a couple of weeks ago, I began to search for it again once home from work. And …. I found it! It was in the sofa, under the cushion. I recommend everyone take a look under your cushions now – I found all sorts of small misplaced items. Thanks for the post, Mike

  5. I once misplaced a Waterman fountain pen. Fortunately I only had to retrace my steps inside my house to find it, but that momentary moment of panic was quite unsettling.

    I once had a quad point pen that I purchased from FranklinCovey. For many years it was the only pen I would use. I had trouble getting the barrel to screw all the way back in, so I sent it back to them for repairs along with a note explaining the sentimental value of the pen. Alas, the pen was beyond repair. To make up for it, they replaced the pen for free! I still have that pen today, but its not as special to me. Especially now that I’m a fountain pen enthusiast.


  6. Same here. My Pelikan 400 has been missing for two weeks. I don’t usually lose things, so I’m disappointed. One of my favorites but I’m still hoping she’ll turn up soon.

  7. I lost the first pen that I ever bought for myself at age 16. A Mont Blanc 121 (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a 122) with a lush medium point.

    I did buy another , but the point just didn’t feel the same to me. It’s affected me because I’ve never found anything that can compete with the memory of using that pen. I have new favorites of course that I take special care of and use nearly every day – but it’s the memory of that Mont Blanc that keeps me searching!

  8. Hope you find your missing pens soon. It is rather easy to misplace even a couple of special pens and pencils as your collection grows. As it is I got plenty of stuff currently in unknown locations since I got lots of moving boxes still stashed in the garage. Though having actually lost favorite clutch pencils during trips, nowadays I try to limit what I take on the road to duplicate items or value-priced pens and leadholders that are easily replacable.

  9. Yeah, I lost a vintage late 80’s Sheaffer Targa that my grandmother gave me. It was my first fountain pen and I’d give anything to find it and use it again….

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