Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Pen and Pencil Cases


Rhodia Pencil Case

I own several pencil cases but struggle to use any of them because I hate having to choose what to put in it. It’s like having to pick which child gets to go to Disneyworld and which has to stay home.

If you carry a pencil/pen case, do you pretty much always keep the same things in it, or do you like to change things up now and again? Oh, and have you seen the Rhodia pencil cases?

• Flat pencil case
• Made of genuine soft black leather
• Embossed logo
• Metallic Rhodia zipper
• Fits 8 to 10 pens

5 thoughts on “Pen and Pencil Cases

  1. I have a pen/pencil case that I carry every day – I don’t usually change the pens out because the ones I carry (about 30 of them) are my favorites. I carry the pens I don’t like as much in a ziploc bag, which doesn’t mean I don’t use them, I just use them less than the ones in my case. When it’s time to do a pen inventory (a penventory?) I go through the ziploc bag first and usually give those pens to my niece and nephew. They’re not nearly as picky with pens as I am and it gives me a chance to clear things out so I can enhance my stash;)

  2. Where did you get the light beige colored webbie? I didn’t know they made it in that color! Sorry I’m fairly new to Rhodia but I’ve never seen one in that color!

  3. I carry a pencil case, a triangle-shaped orange and white vinyl Pantone one. Big enough to hold about 4-5 items only. I carry the same pen/pencil mix in it all the time. I like knowing I always have something nice to write with, even if I’m just filling out a form. I like the look of these Rhodia ones though — would make a nice self-gift :)

  4. I carry a pen/pencil case in my bag on a daily basis…and yes, the contents change. It’s sometimes like the book in my bag…I may or may not read it, but some days, I choose what book to carry because it brings me joy to know its there, keeping me company. Just yesterday I added my favorite blue colored pencil to my case…might not use it in the course of the day, but it is fun to know it is there, just in case…

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