Monday, January 14th, 2013

Vintage Flex


Brian Sizemore is the man behind  Vintage Flex, a site dedicated to the art of penmanship, the fountain pens and inks ready-to-hand, and the writers who use them. Brian aims to provide high-quality vintage fountain pens with a special emphasis on vintage flexible nibs. (Per Wiki: “Flex or flexible nibs are fountain pen nibs which produce a line which varies in width with the pressure used. A very flexible nib can produce a width variation of about six times.”)


From Brian: “This art adds a certain character to writing which is lost in the (post)modern age of tablet computation, texting, tweeting, typing, and any other form of digital communication. Something important inherent within communication has been forgotten over time, something borne from patience and possibility. Those of us who know, something special occurs when one puts pen to paper, and we can be invited back into this phenomenon when using a vintage flexible fountain pen.”

You can also find Vintage Flex On Facebook

Watch the videos below to see Brian demonstrate the capabilities of several vintage flexible nibbed pens.

Image and text courtesy of Brian Sizemore.

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