Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Speaking of Reading Blogs…



How are you reading your blogs? Is it through a bookmarked link in your browser, via a feed reader, direct  e-mail or an app on your mobile device? And is there anything we could do to make Rhodia Drive more friendly towards your preferred method of delivery?

I used to use Google Reader as my primary blog reader until I found the FlipBoard app for my iPad – but I’m still always wondering if there is a neater or more efficient way to peruse content from the 150+ blogs I’m subscribed to. My inbox is a little too full for blog subscriptions and so I only receive a handful via e-mail.

13 thoughts on “Speaking of Reading Blogs…

  1. Jumps, seems like a favorite Google Reader client for Mac/iPad is Reeder App. I’ve never used it as I’m a Windows/Android user, but I’ve seen rave reviews for it.

    Also if you’ve never used Google Reader, you should be able to import your feed list from whatever it is you’re using currently. Good luck!

  2. I’m at a loss. I can get my RSS feed to work on my PC, but I can’t get one working on my Mac or my iPad, so my life is sad right now. I’m missing a lot of blogs because I just remember the names of a few and hope they link a lot.

  3. i love and recommend which you can link to google reader and it makes blog reading more fun and easier …

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