Friday, January 4th, 2013

Everyone Has A Story


I received an e-mail from our Rhodia friend Bruce yesterday with an idea for a blog post. “Everyone has a story.”  is all the message said. When I asked him to elaborate, he responded:

“Makes me think of a Rhodia pad and fountain pen and exploring. Or maybe a Webbie and a cheap ballpoint and writing about where I want to go and need to do to get there. Long thoughtful prose and random missives to myself. I could be looking to tell my story or I could be looking to tell your story. Getting lost in the words. See where the path goes. Opening up the creativity within one’s self.”

I know exactly what he means. You get there by simply giving yourself permission to write. To play the “what if” game. To imagine a journey to a place you’ve never been, or revisiting a place from long ago. Making a list of your favorite foods or looking for words that rhyme with orange. It’s all part of your story. The things you put on paper even if riddled with nonsense, it’s all a part of you. Your brain, your imagination, your soul. And despite what your inner critic might think, it’s always all good. Don’t you think?

Image  courtesy of Coral  (who has had a love affair with the Rhodia/Micron combo for many years) – visit her at

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