Friday, December 21st, 2012

Mr Guilt’s Unlimited Zoo Notebook


When I asked Mr Guilt to tell me about his use of his Rhodia Unlimited Zoo Notebook, his response was as follows:

“I take a lot of photos at zoos (they are used, among other places, by the International Society for Endangered Cats). This notebook lives in my camera bag. I take notes of what I shoot. This is useful for species I’m not as familiar with–with the notebook and the zoo’s web page, I can figure out exactly what my picture is of. I also jot down things I find interesting, such as the name of an animal, or some other fact. The first zoo I really used it at, when we went to the San Antonio zoo, it was very effective, as I was able to capture the names of all the numerous species of birds they have there.”

Image courtesy of Mr Guilt – (Charles Barilleaux) Visit Mr Guilt’s Blog and also visit him on Flickr

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