Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Is Handwriting Worth Saving?


Allow me to paint an image in your mind. You wake up tomorrow and find that you and everyone else around you began to sound the same. Would you be alarmed? If our voices one day were stripped away and replaced with this monotone robotic voice we would all lose a part of our identity. Our syntax, tone, pitch, the way your voice picks up a few notches when you get excited or the way your voice gets soft when you’re scared. It conveys a message that cannot be replaced.

Now allow me to paint a different image in your mind. You woke up yesterday to a world where hand written letters are now hastily typed emails, where everything you read and write are now the same universal font and color, and a conversation is no longer face to face but rather through binary code. The personally connections and how they were formed are slowly becoming antiquated, a form of communication being labeled as an indulgence or a hobby.

As a person from Generation X I cannot begin to imagine what the world would be like without my cell phone, Internet, or email. However the question now is what is the point of communication if all we see are shades of grey when our thousands of emails and text messages are all the same font and size. I understand that in the business world the faster you can get to the point in the most universally understood way is better. That’s perfectly fine. The only thing is we’re letting that business mentality seep into our personal world outside the big cube. The feeling of receiving a letter, no matter the length, is incomparable to receiving an email or a text. You know that there was some thought put into the letter and that time and effort were needed and that the person writing that letter felt it was, and you are, important enough to take the time to write it.

Hand writing is not much different from our voice. The way we write conveys a very specific message that cannot be duplicated by Times New Roman size 12 font. Hand writing is personally. It’s unique to you and I and it’s what makes up part of our identity. My notes and letters look like chicken scratch but they are my chicken scratch. There’s a connection there between you, the words, and the person reading them that we are beginning to decide are no longer important. But what’s more important than telling someone close to you that you care? That you have decided time, energy and resources are well spent on them? 

So the question remains do you think hand writing is worth saving?

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41 thoughts on “Is Handwriting Worth Saving?

  1. I am still a fan of handwriting and regularly practice it and calligraphy as often as I can. It’s
    definitely an art that should not be thrown away.

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