Monday, August 6th, 2012

Fisheye Rhodia


People are taking their smartphone photography quite seriously these days. Hundreds of apps (software applications) are available to tweak and modify the digital images taken with the built-in cameras on our phones. With the ever increasing quality of these cameras seemingly never ending, (My 1st digital camera was 1.4 megapixel and the built-in camera on the iPhone 4S is 8 MP.) it’s not surprising that people are spending real money to further expand the abilities of these cameras with the addition of external lenses.

The Instagram app has really set the stage for people to share their digital media and I for one not only enjoy playing with it myself, but looking at what others are doing as well.

Want to see your Instagram images depicting your favorite Rhodia here on the blog? Be sure to tag them #Rhodia so I can find them.

Do you have any favorite photo apps? I’ve got about 15 or so but most often use PhotoStudio and Snapseed.

Image courtesy of whubbsie via Instagram.

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