Monday, July 30th, 2012

Marker Doodles.


Despite there being a plethora of marker brands out there, at some point the idea of a permanent marker became synonymous with Sharpie. I guess they managed to corner the marker market. (heh)

I mean, doesn’t everyone have at least 1 Sharpie in their house? For as long as I can remember, I’ve used these permanent markers pretty much exclusively for addressing packages. I do somewhat remember that one other brand that had the amazingly strong smell – and they’d squeak when you write on poster board with their chiseled nibs.

I mostly just use the black ones in a few varying sizes, but I do have a few other colors, including silver. I’ve tried their paint pens and “Bleedproof” pens but they didn’t really suit my needs.

Are you a Sharpie fan? Do you use them mostly around the house like me, or do you use them for art? for work? Bleedproof pens in your Webbie?

If you’ve never visited, Sharpie has a pretty cool blog.

Image courtesy of lizziewirgau via Instagram

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