Monday, July 16th, 2012

On a Wooden Desk


Oh how I long for a sturdy wooden work surface. My good friend Mikey D. rents an old house in a very rural area near Harrisonburg, VA. I went to visit him a while back and while I instantly fell in love with the entire house, (which had at one time been a simple one room cabin,) I fell hard for the ancient harvest table in the kitchen.

That was the first time I had experienced such an amazing piece of furniture. Harvest tables as I have learned, (also known as farm or country tables) are large wooden tables popular for gatherings, simply imagine the famous Thanksgiving dinner portrait painted by Norman Rockwell and you get the picture.

The table at Mikey’s belonged to the people he rents from so I had to use my imagination on how it may have been used in its previous life. It was a warm dark brown color its surface worn, and in one area, a slight bowl-shaped depression. (From 100 years of resting the mixing bowl?) All I had to do was put my hands on that table and it was love at first sight. Waiting for the pot of homemade potato soup Mikey was making for me, I put my sketchbook on the table and was as instantly lost in my doodles as a small child on a rainy day must have been a hundred years ago.

One day I will own a farm table just like that one.

Image courtesy of bahamontes via Instagram.

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