Monday, June 25th, 2012

If life is a bowl of cherries, draw them in your Webbie!


These cherries were drawn in a Webnotebook by my friend Sophie, my interwebs friend from way back (I think we met on the FPN) when I was first trying out those newfangled fountain pen devices.

I found this image in our Rhodia Drive group on Flickr and thought I would share since cherries are in season. Sweet and delicious, I can go through a whole bag, no problem. Except for the sour ones. Blech. Tried them for the first time last year, eeeeeew. Not for me.

Funny thing is that I don’t really like things that are cherry flavored – probably reminds me too much of those throat lozenges from when I was a kid. Except of course for Cherry Coke.

Do you remember when soda fountains used to add cherry flavoring to regular cola? There was a place like that across from my high school and I remember drinking one there. That place has long since closed but the current owners are an Indian family who make the most AMAZING homemade ice cream flavors like saffron pistachio and cardamom. I believe they still make the old fashioned cherry colas and while I’d love to try one, I can’t seem to get past the cardamom ice cream which I’ve had every single time I’ve gone there.

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