Friday, June 15th, 2012

Limited Edition Visconti Portofino and Rhodia


What do you think of this pen? Our friend Mike in Chi Town sent us this image of his recent acquisition.

“This is a Visconti Portofino L.E. # 26 of 150 made exclusively by Visconti for the Fountain Pen Hospital c2001.

What is so UNIQUE about this pen is; the clip; It is Sterling Silver and is meant to Represent the 1992 America’s Cup Challenger ll Moro di Venezia, riding a wave.The clip was designed by Visconti specifically for the sailors of that great sailboat. The Italian Challenger did not win the America’s Cup in 1992, but the clip design was authorized for use on later pens such as the VCoyager and Uffizi series.

I feel that this very unique Visconti Portofino L.E. and the HIGH quality of the Rhodia product go hand in hand and would do well in a picture together. Don’t You?”

This image has been added to our Favorite Pens Photo Page. Have you sent us an image of your favorite pen yet?


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