Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

What would be your ultimate Rhodia product?


Imagine if you will for just a moment, a Rhodia Reverse filled with dot grid paper. Leather bound Rhodia Webbies. A 250pg spiral Rhodia notebook. Isometric graph paper. 6-packs of Rhodia pencils…

Knowing how much you love your Rhodia, I know that there is probably a product configuration that you would like to see that doesn’t currently exist. So what is it? Please share! From our recent question on our dotGrid format, I know you’d like to see some spiral bound dot products- me too.

Maybe YOU can inspire a whole new Rhodia product!

31 thoughts on “What would be your ultimate Rhodia product?

  1. I have two ideas that I would love to see in a large Web Notebook, the first is a “SuperWebbie”. A SuperWebbie is a large size Web Notebook with double the pages. The next would a Webbie that is “seyes ruled.” Another product I would like would be a extra large Webbie 170mm by 220mm. I have been purchasing the cloth bound Clairefontaine medium notebooks and have been using them for notes for sometimes now and think it would be a great size for journaling but I am reluctant to use the Clairefontaine medium notebook for journaling because of the binding and cover.

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