Friday, April 20th, 2012

Take a Community Art Walk


Since participating in the Lehigh Valley Art Wars last year, (a local live art competition) I’ve met and have become inspired by dozens of amazing local artists including Joey Gourniak, shown here in his Easton, PA art studio.

I had the opportunity to visit Joey in studio last weekend when he opened it to the public as part of the 14th annual Easton Open Studio Arts Tour. This was my 1st studio tour and I had a great time walking around downtown Easton with map in hand, talking to some of my favorite local artists in their studios and galleries. If you are a fan of the tv show American Pickers, you might recognize the series of images at the back of Joey’s studio, as they at one time had been installed in the fun house of the currently defunct Bushkill Amusement Park that the Pickers picked back in 2010.

Aware of an art walk/studio tour in your area or one you might be traveling to? Do it! You never know who you might meet and what treasures you might uncover!

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