Monday, February 13th, 2012

Randi’s Safaris


The Lamy Safari is a very popular fountain pen- I know because I’ve got more than a few myself. They don’t cost an arm and a leg (around $35 with an ink convertor) and are pretty darn sturdy. They are a great starter pen for new fountain pen enthusiasts because of their firm nib design. People switching from ballpoints/rollerballs to a fountain pen may at first write a little harder than they need to until they get used to the fact that they barely have to touch the pen to the paper for the ink to flow. While the nibs on some fountain pens are more delicate and can become misaligned or damaged with a heavy hand, I can say that my Safari’s have come shining through a fair amount of abuse. (Except for the one I dropped nib first to the kitchen floor)

As you try different fountain pens, (because I don’t know anyone that only has one) you may decide that you prefer a firmer nib (affectionately called a “nail”) or one with more flex. (Super flexy pens are known as “wet noodles.”) I tend to flip flop depending on my mood.

Photo courtesy of Randi Zafman. See more of your favorite pens in our Photo Pages.

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