Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

My New Space to Create!


After making the decision to leave my “day job” 3 years ago to lead a creative life, I worked at home amongst many distractions. My snoring husband, hollering bird, the lady across the street that (screams) sings Donna Summer’s greatest hits over & over…

I helped to write a book sitting at a computer in my kitchen (we eat in the living room) and then later graduated to working in the bird’s (tiny) room on a desk that belonged to my husband when he was in grade school. Many of the thousands of mandala doodles that I would make were created with a sketchbook “in hand” as there wasn’t really any table space for me to work on. When I started painting I’d spread a drop cloth over a 5×5″ space and sit on the kitchen floor and paint. I created my mandala workshop sitting on my bed, back against the headboard and books spread all around me. Working on my blogs became easier with a laptop, though there still isn’t a comfortable surface at a comfortable height.

No more.

As of Black Friday, I obtained 236 square ft. of work space all to myself when I was chosen to become a resident artist at a visual arts and education center called The Banana Factory in Bethlehem PA. Located in an old re-purposed warehouse and a stone’s throw from the old iconic Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces, The Banana Factory is a non-profit organization benefiting local youth and which houses 2 art galleries, a hot glass studio, mosaic studio, photo editing studio and is also home to 28 artists in residence – some quite well known such as Doug Wiltraut, (watercolor) Olaf Starorypinski, (photography) Rigo Peralta (surrealist painter) and Virginia Abbott (sculptor.)

*Some of the artists work on their sites may not be safe for work.

I’ve got 24/7 access to my studio but will likely work during the day with my door open to visitors. I still can’t get over how much stuff I moved out of this little house and into that studio. It might appear to some that I had been hoarding art supplies. :o)

Now that the house isn’t filled with stacks of sketchbooks and notebooks and stuff everywhere, all that’s left is for me to make the decision whether or not to use the studio to write as well. Part of me likes not having a computer there, but I know that I’m not art creative all the time – I go in spurts and when I’m not making art, I’m writing blog posts, adding art to my Etsy shop, researching new material for my workshops and planning new ones. I’ll figure it out.

I’m just so freaking happy!

This is a short video from my move-in day.

You can see lots of pictures of my studio & of my friends at the Banana Factory here.

14 thoughts on “My New Space to Create!

  1. I know this area so well and must congratulate you on a wickedly cool space. I love SteelStacks and The Banana Factory and the Alehouse. Sigh.

  2. I know this area so well and must congratulate you on a wickedly cool space. I love SteelStacks and The Banana Factory and the Alehouse. Sigh.

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