Monday, August 1st, 2011

Fisher Space Pen


Vince Johnson, one of our recent dotWebbie contest winners, sent in this picture of his favorite pen – a Fisher Space Pen.

“In my case the pen is a relatively inexpensive Fisher Space Pen “Bullet”.  I live by the philosophy that the best pen is the one you have with you. This little guy clips to my wallet and us always ready for the job with no fear of ink leaking into my pocket. Its been thru countless washer/dryer cycles, lost in every car & couch I’ve lounged in but like a faithful friend returns when I need it. It’s looking a little beat up these days (chrome wearing off exposing the brass shell), but it has tons of character. I will be truly bummed if I ever lose it.”

You know, I’ve never tried one of the Fisher pens and I know they have a cool purple one…..


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