Monday, July 25th, 2011

Inspiration from You


Once in a while I hear of someone getting stuck- not knowing what to do with those pristine blank pages in a new journal. Last week when I asked people what they would do with a new Webbie if they were a lucky winner in our recent contest, they responded with some truly wonderful ideas. If you didn’t get the chance to read through the comments from that post, I’ve assembled them all here for you – maybe you might want to even print it out and slip it into the back pocket of your notebook for inspiration? Much thanks for everyone who responded.

B Irwin: I was thinking of starting a new manuscript, but practicing calligraphy by writing out verses from my faith is tempting, too.

JustJay74: I will use it at work to jot down all my notes and ideas.

Sam C.: I hope to use it for my architecture drawing class in the coming school year

Marco: I will write down my adventures in hiking the Appalachian Trail

sara: I’d love to make another “everything book” I make my own list and calendar pages. I try to keep all my notes together.

Colin: Remind myself that a life worth living is a life worth recording.

Aisazia: Probably a mix between an art journal/idea journal where I just jot down or sketch out ideas.

Sandra Strait: I’d use my webbie to create and organize zentangle patterns, doodle fantastic creations, and look to it to inspire my creativity!

Richard Hein: I would us it to write out lyrics. I am a composer and the words are just important

Fr. Matthew Thurman: I just filled a large blank Webbie with one year’s worth of Sunday sermon notes. I’m ready to start a new notebook and a dotWebbie would be the ideal new notebook to provide a little order to the same purpose. I’d like a format that would better allow outlining when I write and the dots would be an unobtrusive guide to that end.

Gentian:Either for drawing or calligraphy practice

Lanzman: Probably write in it. Take notes, most likely.

Rori: I would use it as my daily log book! AND I’d be able to use it with my Lamy Safari!!

Estivalia: Iorana! I’m going to Easter Island, so I’ll use the DotWeebie as an art/travel journal to preserve the memory

Oni: I would use it for everything from ToDo lists to watercolouring

Tori: It will be the perfect sized journal to take with me on my trip to Ibiza.

Francisco D.: Imma use it in my calculus class this fall! Nothing like having detailed notes in a durable binding that I can reference whenever.

Troy Mayfield: Well, my red Safari will be used to capture story ideas, calligraphy practice and other inane stuff.

Economy Pens: … to write love letters and poems to the Mrs.

Johnny: Would be an excellent book to practice my calligraphy in plus general hand writing improvement.

TubbyMike:I shall use it at work to draw boxes and arrows for the process maps I design. Dots are excellent for this and I can re-draft before committing it to the computer. I always like to start with pencil and paper.

Peter: I’d probably use it as a sketching/ drawing notebook when I’m about.

Aaron: Study notes and mind maps for actuarial exams.

Emoo: Probably a pocket sketchbook or one to write my little fictions in. I’ve been really drawn to writing (as opposed to drawing) again lately.

M: I would use this as my new travel journal.

Kelly: I will use it to record things I want to tell my children. My six children are mostly grown (with the exception of the two little ones I adopted from China) but I feel that they don’t really know me at times. I want to tell them things I’ve learned, things about me, things about life, things to do, things to not do. And what could be a better way to record such important information that in a new Rhodia!

Brent: I will use it to document the stories my father tells again and again. When he embellishes I’ll ask him to verify from a previous telling. Of course, he is 90 years old so maybe I’ll let him slide a little.

charles hadden: a reading journal or teaching notes

Johnny: Had a nurse tell me they use dotted notebooks in her nursing home to help the elderly with hand/eye coordination. Sounds like a good idea.

Gwynne: Use it for random brain detritus!

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