Thursday, July 21st, 2011

dotWebbie Contest Winners!


Drumroll please! Congrats to all 20 winners of our dotWebbie giveaway! We had over 300 people enter – wowzers! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter, and who helped out by re-tweeting & liking us on Facebook. If Karen has these all in the office, I expect she will mail them out within a week or so – if she has to order any from the warehouse, it might take a smidge longer.

Stay tuned for my big 2nd Anniversary giveaway coming up in September – Driver’s choice! I’ve got some great prizes in mind!

Laura Lichiello
miss grayseal
Dan Iggers
Blair G. Ege
Pat Upton
Barry Hensey
Arleigh from Poughkeepsie
Mike G from Montclair
Andrea Canfield
Vince from Suisun City
MikeW from East Windsor
Scott Alexander
Walter from Honolulu
Melinda Gotelli
Judith from Flagstaff
Rori Rants
Thomas C from W Des Moines

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