Friday, June 24th, 2011

Friday Link Share


My r-Pad at Consider the Lilies

Beyond the Pen: Fountain Pen Ink as Watercolor Wash at Ink Nouveau

Sketchbooks at Drawing with a Squirrel

Simple Woman’s Daybook at Harvest Moon by Hand

A Magic Dinosaur at Feed Your Soul Art

Rhodia Dot Grid Webnotebook at Blinkidoo

Rock Paper Scissors at La Vie Graphite

Writing is…Escapism at Icy’s Blunt Pencil

Rhodia Pad Holder No 16 with Pen Hook at Pocket Blonde

Jardin Flambeau on Flickr Blog

All Azure: The Monochromatic City of Chefchaoen, Morocco on Web Urbanist

Chive Blossom Vinegar at Cooking with Anne

Bloc No 11 Graph Paper Pad at Pens ‘n’ Paper

The Chagalls, Joined in a sketchbook at The Jewish Daily Forward

Sketchnotes Channel at Core 77 at Notebook Stories

Product review: Rhodia Dot Webbie at Planet Webbie

Art above by Gentian Osman

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