Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The Ultimate Rhodia Writer Getaway


This is Joyce Pepos’s writing retreat in Mount Hood, Oregon. (I *LOVE* this!)

From Joyce: “This sweet writing space is located on an old logging deck of 40 years back – which we have turned into a meadow of wild flowers and a large outside fire pit – we also have built a Labyrinth which is dug into the ground five feet deep and 35 feet wide… awesome!

We have a 13 acre retreat on the mountain here in Oregon – besides our main lodge we have 5 separate buildings – Art studio for my husband along with a huge wood shop – a Library/media building for exercise/reading/tv – a Sauna (which is dug into the ground and the building is covered in Montana Rock) and a jacuzzi sits outside in a dug out rock garden.

We are both just retired and my husband has created this spectacular woodland garden with hiking trails through the 13 acres. I am happy to share our love of nature, art and where my Rhodias live.

Please visit Joyce’s blog and read this post about her love of Rhodia.

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