Friday, June 17th, 2011

Cover your Webbie with Ink Leaf Leather!


Looking for a leather cover for your Rhodia Webnotebook?

Ink Leaf Leather Co.’s Webbie covers are made out of of 4-5 ounce of vegetable tanned leather. Everything is hand tooled, hand dyed, and hand stitched with waxed Irish linen thread. They are finished with a bees wax based conditioner which gives them very good weather resistance. In the back flap, there’s a slot cut out to allow use of the elastic strap and the rivets are completely optional.

There is no factory, just the little workshop in Colorado. Jazeps (Joe) and Steffi run their business to make a living but it’s the craftsmanship which compels them-  artisan leather workers concerned with beauty and longevity rather than expediency.

“Our pride and our love is in our work and we hope with earnest expectation that you’ll sense it when our pieces become your pieces.”

Visit Ink Leaf on the web.

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