Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Alex Stashes Rhodia


Last fall, I gave my friend Alex a stash of small Rhodia pads for him to leave as log books at various geocache stashes in and around south central Pennsylvania.Not familiar with geocaching? It’s a hide and seek treasure game typically played outdoors with the use of a GPS unit. The caches can be any size – from a film canister to a small candy tin, or an old Army surplus ammo box. Alex showed me one tiny one he made (Called a micro cache) by combining the caps from two two-liter soda bottles. They all contain some kind of log book to be signed, (even if just a thin coil of paper – as are often used in the micro caches) and depending on their size, will sometimes contain small gifts for the finder. It is common for people to leave a gift for each one they take. These small items may be plastic army men, pretty rocks or seashells, rubber bracelets, marbles… Sounds like fun, right? Visit Geocaching.com to learn more.

Oh, and should you find a stash with a Rhodia pad in it, or if you put one in a stash, you can send me pictures at stephanie@rhodiadrive.com

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