Monday, May 30th, 2011

Memorial Day


Though my personal experience with people serving our country is limited, I am eternally grateful for their sacrifices and feel deeply whenever I hear of someone who won’t be returning home to their family. At Christmas time I see the news clips of soldiers in some foreign land sending home video messages to their children and it rips my heart up because I am in such awe at the level of dedication these people have towards their voluntary military service.

Each time I’ve flown, it seems as though the airport is filled with young servicemen and women at the midway point of a trip home or a trip back to wherever they are stationed. Several years ago while in the airport in Atlanta, I took a moment to talk with a young man on his way home for a visit. While speaking to him, I did my best to hide my fear for what this man might experience while abroad. I remember asking him if he had a girl waiting for him back home and he assured me that he did. I wished him well and told him to be safe so he could return to her when his service was over. As I walked away from him I could no longer hold back my tears – I just never think about all those people who have chosen to serve and protect our country. I really wish I could remember his name, I wish I knew he was okay. That he will be returning home to his girlfriend…

To that man and to all the others who have served our country, Thank You.

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