Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Comfortable Shoes reviews the Graf-it


Have you tried the Clairefontaine Graf-it pads yet? Leslie from the art journaling blog Comfortable Shoes did – and she loved the paper! “I have to say that this paper is amazing. Though it’s only 90g (41lb) it’s super sturdy and accepts a lot of media without issues. It takes some serious effort to get stuff to soak through. When I say stuff I mean ALL the stuff I’ve tossed at it.” (See picture above.)

Leslie did not however, love the staple bound pad with it’s perforated pages and even went as far as to suggest that this paper would be warmly welcomed in a bound version – like the Webbie. (Hmmmm, SketchWebbie? I wonder…) You can read Lesli’s full review of the Graf-it pads here.

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